April 9th, 2019 by Administrator

SkyApps Technologies Profile

SkyApps Technologies Ltd is a technology and software services company registered under the laws of the Republic of Uganda. It was founded in February 2016 and gained its legal status on the 9th of May 2016. The company offers consulting services in the areas of hardware/embedded systems, Software development, Quality Assurance and implementation. We have a considerable experience delivering solutions in single and multi-operating system environments.

SkyApps through its alliances is able to attain goals and objectives which one company cannot achieve alone. These are based on a win-win mindset, mutual trust, commitment and the sharing of risks and rewards to benefit customers directly. Our professionals have several hundred person-hours of experience consulting with organizations and implementing our proposed and customer desired solutions.

At SkyApps Technologies, we are aware that creating client-oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our firm hires only the very best to ensure you receive both. We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time, and to follow it through with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget.

SkyApps follows standard industry process models such as Spiral (incremental), Waterfall and Rapid Prototyping. Our methodology is determined based on the client's requirement and our vision is to always be a part of the client's success. Based on our vast experience in implementation of quality solutions for various clients, we recommend the spiral model for most projects as it helps reduce risk and time to market.

We have plan documentation templates ready for managing teams and various aspects of software development. Our development process involves planning and documenting specifically for each project aspect such as: Development Infrastructure & environment setup; Development methodologies; Project team set-up and resource ramp up; Resource management and attrition planning; Delivery management; Software configuration management; Quality management; Performance management; Metrics collection, Analysis & reporting.